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Freight forwarding absolute expert specialises in deliveries up to 3.5T by road within the EU. Thanks to our experienced team we can offer logistic services to desired transport locations.


Warehousing incl. transloading, distribution and shipment cartage with CMR transport documents. Our services are in 1st place aimed at solving transportation of deliveries occuring beyond the transport route. In case of purchase of our services, the location of the warehouse proved to be an advantage (7 km from the D5 highway exit 93 Pilsner). Further it is the nonstop dis-charge and distribution to final destination in Pilsner, Carlsbad, Ústí nad Labem counties and South, Central Bohemian Region and Prague.

We do delivery, cleaning, car diagnostic, fixing for the technical inspection and registration of your selected and purchased vehicle. Car wrecking includes ecological car disposal.

We sell car parts and are able to supply more or less all available components for affordable prices within the shortest time. Besides you can find in our store car tires, wheel disks and new wheel packages (winter tires on steel wheels). If you wish, we can deliver and change the new purchased wheel package directly on your vehicle. You can take advantage of our “carefree” service if you like to store your wheels.

The best reference is a satisfied customer!

Order now and experience it for yourself!

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24hour transportation in the whole EU.

Customised solution for every shipment.

Hands-on experience is reflected in the quality of transportation as nowadays expected.


autodoprava a spedice

Road transport and freight forwarding

skladovani, prekladky, rozvoz, zvoz zasilek

Warehousing, transloading,
distribution and shipment cartage

dovoz aut a odtahova sluzba

Car import and car wrecking

predej pneu, disku a pneuservis

Tire & wheel discs retail
and tire service

prodej autodilu

Car parts retail


Car servicing

diagnostika vozidel

Car diagnostic

cisteni vozidel a interieru

In & out car wash

priprava a provedeni STK

Getting ready for and carrying out technical inspection

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Head office:

Husova 842
334 41 Dobřany
Czech Republic

CRN: 03685284
VAT: CZ9456042101

emailova adresaabsoluteexpert@email.cz

+420 377 970 992


For bank transfer in CZK:
bankovy ucetBank account number: 8559996001/5500

For bank transfer in €:
bankovy ucetIBAN:CZ0455000000008559996001

Roadtransport and freight forwarding:

telefon+420 377 946 240
mobil+420 607 453 227
emailova adresaspedice@absoluteexpert.cz

Car parts & tire retail:

telefon+420 377 946 240
mobil+420 607 453 227
emailova adresapneu@absoluteexpert.cz

Store & office:

telefon+420 377 946 240
mobil+420 607 453 227
emailova adresaucto@absoluteexpert.cz

Operation office:

Plzeňská 435
332 14 Chotěšov
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